An introduction to CSS Units — vh, vw, em, rem, %, px, and more!

Note -: it will still let the code execute but this will be really helpful for developers to…

  • Mounting
  • Updating
  • Unmounting
constructor(props) {
this.state = {
itemName: this.props.itemDetails.itemName,
itemSKU: this.props.itemDetails.itemSKU, …

The differences between Axios and Fetch and which should you use?


Fetch() is part of a JavaScript window-object method within the Fetch API. It is built-in.Fetch() allows us to get data from the API asynchronously without installing any additional external libraries.

  1. Presentational components — These are dumb UI components that are only concerned with how things look…

What are Promises in JavaScript and how do they work?

Drawbacks of Callbacks — Why are promises better?

There are a couple of reasons why promises are better than callbacks:

  • With the callback being passed as a parameter, it can become confusing with what’s input and what’s the return value if the number of params increase.
  • Callbacks don’t handle errors thrown by functions that are used inside them (JSON.parse for example).
  • Callback HELL - if there are multiple functions to be called in sequence with callbacks, it could easily…

UPC — Universal Product Code

this is a barcode used worldwide to track store items

Sumeet Bhalla

Javascript Professional experienced in creating Mobile/Web Apps using React/React Native. New to KOTLIN. Passionate about photography and solving problems.

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